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Salary sacrifice contributions

Section: 2.10

2.10 Salary sacrifice contributions

Salary sacrifice arrangement is an arrangement under which an employee agrees to forego part of their total remuneration that they would otherwise expect to receive as salary or wages.

The sacrificed salary or wages do not form part of the employee's assessable income. Any superannuation contributions made under an effective salary sacrifice arrangement will constitute concessional contributions of the employee and will be included in their concessional contribution cap for the year.

Salary sacrifice example - 2023/24

Andy, aged 50, earns $150,000 p.a. excluding superannuation. He enters into a salary sacrifice arrangement with his employer to sacrifice $11,000 p.a. into superannuation. As his employer is required to pay SG of $16,500 (11% of his gross salary), by salary sacrificing this additional amount, Andy will be contributing concessional contributions up to the maximum cap of $27,500.

Concessional Contribution Cap                                   27,500  
Salary excluding super                                150,000
Super guarantee (SG) 11%                                  16,500
  Before salary sacrifice arrangement After salary sacrifice arrangement
Salary                                150,000                                      150,000
Salary sacrifice                                            -                                          11,000
Employer SG contribution (11%)                                  16,500                                        16,500
Total super contribution                                  16,500                                        27,500
Reduced salary                                 150,000                                      139,000
Tax on taxable income                                   40,567                                        36,497
Medicare levy                                     3,000                                          2,780
Total tax                                   43,567                                        39,277
Net income after tax                                106,433                                        99,723


Andy will salary sacrifice $11,000 however due to the drop in his taxable income, his take-home salary has only reduced by $6,710.

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Last modified: Monday, July 3, 2023